Control units

The Panasonic product portfolio includes cost-effective compact control units that take up minimum space and are suitable for many different basic tasks, even the “high-end” control unit, the flagship FP7. Numerous functions have managed to be integrated into small constructions – which is how they offer many advantages of a modular high-end PLC CPU such as analog control, network communication and positioning. At the same time, an excellent value for your money characterizes all control units.

The innovative FPWIN Pro programming software control gets the most out of the control units with minimal effort. Hence, finished functions and function blocks are found in numerous libraries. As a result, a large amount of know-how can be used for individual programs and a lot of time is saved during programming and troubleshooting.

Like all other Panasonic products, control units are also tested during their development process under extremely rigorous conditions than necessary during operation, thereby ensuring long product service life during use. Not only does Panasonic offer an extensive PLC range, but also premium service that is a matter of course for an ISO 9001-certified, service-oriented company. Well-trained application engineers assemble customer-specific systems.

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Our offer for control units

Panasonic FP7


Whether it’s decentralized programming, monitoring or data recording, an FTP server, MEWTOCOL (client/server), Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP - the standard Ethernet interface offers limitless connectivity. Together with mini-USB and the RS232C interface, up to 216 devices can be connected.

Panasonic FP-X


Now our new and improved FP-X series can be used as the successor to the very successful FP-1 series. The FP-X has smaller dimensions and expanded storage capacity. It is ideally suited for a multitude of applications thanks to its faster processing speed and optimized positioning functions.

Panasonic FP-e


The latest control unit technologies were integrated into the FP-e miniature control unit and in a housing for front mounting measuring 48mm x 48mm x 77.5mm to boot. The FP-e is programmable in all 5 languages (AWL, KOP, FUP, FBS, ST) using IEC 61131 3 software control FPWIN Pro.

Panasonic FP-Sigma


This control unit stands out thanks to its ultra-modern SMD fabrication and thus, compact size. It has the best communication abilities of a high-performance control unit. Naturally, the FP sigma is programmable with our FPWIN Pro software (according to IEC 61131-3) and thus compatible with all Panasonic control units.

Panasonic FP-X0


The FP-X0 series is ideal for simple automation applications (see highlights). The control units are perfect for solving the most common positioning tasks, e.g. together with servo drives MINAS A5 and MINAS Liqi as well. The CPU types have 14, 30, 40 or 60 I/Os and can be expanded to a maximum of 216 I/Os.

Panasonic FP0R


Extremely high processing speed increases productivity.
0,08µs/step during basic commands for the first 3000 steps (0.58µs/step for all other steps). Ideal for using the FP0R in positioning tasks and process automation, such as in labelling machines.