Brushless systems

Compared to asynchronous motors, brushless motors by Panasonic are very powerful and yet low-maintenance components. As such, the brushless motors are exceptionally suited for applications in the textile and food industry, for conveyor technology and cabinet systems. The innovative single-pole technology of the brushless systems provides threefold savings: Energy savings due to increased efficiency, space savings due to a compact design, and cost savings during maintenance and set-up. Our brushless systems are available in a speed range from 30 to 4000 RPM (rated RPM: 3000 RPM). It detects the position using Hall sensors, which guarantees balanced control behavior.

The constant RPM characteristic in brushless motors in Panasonic’s MINAS-BL series ensures a consistent RPM during start-up or even during low speeds compared to asynchronous motors. The speed difference is no greater than 0.5% at the nominal torque. Thanks to this high control accuracy, high productivity and quality are ensured. Taking into account the input power of brushless motors from the MINAS BL series, a permanent magnet on the rotor significantly reduces secondary losses. This means saved energy and reduced costs for you.

The PANATERM parameterization software allows for quick commissioning of brushless motors. During operation, the software can be used to easily and quickly configure the parameters and analyze the operating data. As such, both trapezoidal and S-shaped acceleration and deceleration ramps are parameterizable. They are easily programmed using free software for configuration and movement simulation via the USB interface.

Our brushless system product range includes the following from the Panasonic MINAS-BL series:

GV series: The speed-regulated brushless motors with a power of 50-130W and motor speed of 100–4000 RPM are energy-efficient solutions. They offer a flexible gearbox modular system and a consistent RPM throughout the entire RPM range. Motors from the GV series can be combined with precision gearboxes from Panasonic’s 3 series and can be controlled with a keypad or external control unit.

KV series: Speed-regulated brushless motors offer consistent torque throughout the entire RPM range at a power range from 50-750 watts with a motor speed of 100-4000 RPM.

GP series: These brushless motors with a low-backlash gearbox modular system and consistent RPM offer integrated positioning for simple tasks. Power is at 50–130W and motor speed is 30–4000 RPM.

Whether it’s a brushless motor by Panasonic or other components – at ghv, you can rest assured that you will receive your solution on schedule. To ensure this, we reduce the order process and the delivery process down to the absolute essentials for you. Our qualified advisers offer you professional support, because they are well-versed in your industry and in the products it requires. Availability and maximum delivery readiness are what our customers appreciate the most. As such, we ensure that we have many variants immediately available ex works. In many cases, we deliver brushless motors or other components to you as early as on the next day or precisely when you need it. We also assist you with after-sales and commissioning your application.

Test our configurator. By selecting a few relevant values, you can very easily find the right brushless motor for you.

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Our product range for brushless systems

Panasonic GV - Serie

GV series

  • Nominal power 50-130W
  • Motor speed 30-4000 RPM
  • RS485 interface
  • Combinable with Panasonic gearboxes ranging from 3:1 to 200:1
  • Controllable with keypad or external control unit
  • Speed control
Panasonic KV series

KV series

  • Nominal power 50-750W
  • Motor speed 100-4000 RPM
  • RS485 interface
  • Controllable with keypad or external control unit
  • Speed control
Panasonic GP - Serie

GP series

  • Nominal power 50-130W
  • Motor speed 30-4000 RPM
  • RS485 interface
  • Combinable with Panasonic gearboxes from 5:1 to 50:1
  • Controllable with keypad or external control unit
  • Position control
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