Mechanical drive technology

Up/down, left/right, forwards/backwards, open/close, grab, turn, swivel; this combination of linear axles and the required auxiliary components give you freedom of movement in all directions – with our mechanical drive technology products.

Whether you wish to replace energy-guzzling pneumatics with e-cylinders or your goal is high-speed “pick-and-place” applications. From 6 mm to 6 m – from the low-cost open-strap axle to the linear motor – we will find a tailor-made solution for you with the extensive selection of different manufacturers for all necessary components. At the same time, we assist you from project planning to execution and beyond. Contact us – our advisors are happy to assist you.

ghv’s comprehensive product portfolio offers you the following when it comes to mechanical drive technology: Drive elements, linear systems and low-backlash gearboxes/planetary gearboxes.

Drive elements
We offer you the right accessories for your applications with our drive elements. These include, e.g. clamping sets, shaft couplings and lock washers. You can also count on short delivery times and the best quality with our mechanical drive products thanks to our reputable suppliers and comprehensive warehousing. This gives you the required discs, couplings, belts, and other things, even for your immediate needs. We are also glad to personally assist you in selecting the right components.

Linear systems
At ghv, you will find the right axle system – whether it’s for very high speeds, for high positioning and repetition accuracy or for limited space. In our product selection, we offer numerous components that enable you to solve your individual problem in linear technology. We are glad to assist you with consulting and design for the right linear system for you. Our catalogue is available for download below, where you can obtain an overview of our product portfolio.

High precision gearboxes
Precise drives require precise mechanics. As such, we offer you high precision planetary gearboxes from many different brands – from low-cost to premium. The planetary gearboxes in our product line can be installed on most of our servo motors and are geometrically swappable with the gearboxes of other manufacturers. Excellent quality, quick availability and user-friendly prices – we offer you the best planetary gearboxes from Apex and our partners Bonfiglioli and Neugart in our product portfolio.

We are glad to advise you on the right components for your application – whether it’s for mechanical drive technology or for other products in our product range. ghv consultants are well-versed in drive elements, linear systems and low-backlash planetary gearboxes and assist you from planning to commissioning. We have numerous variants available ex works and can often ensure delivery as early as the next day. High availability, quick delivery and quality at the best price are part of the service you receive at ghv.

Test our configurator. By selecting a few values, you can very easily find the right mechanical drive technology products.

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Our product range for mechanical drive technology

Drive elements

Drive elements

Of course, we also offer the right accessories such as shaft couplings, clamping sets and lock washers for your applications.

Linear systems

Linear systems

Whether it’s linear units with a toothed-belt drive for very high speeds or ball screw drive for high positioning and repetition accuracy.
We will find the right axle system for you.

High precision gearboxes

High precision gearboxes

Our planetary gearboxes can be installed on most of our servo motors and are geometrically swappable with any gearboxes from other manufacturers.
We offer you planetary gearboxes from Apex, Bonfiglioli and Neugart in our product portfolio.

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