Qlight Ex-proof-lights

Ex-proof-lights are prescribed for work areas in which there is a risk of explosion, e.g. due to explosive substances or flammable materials such as oil and gas. Ex luminaires are made of pressure- and impact-resistant material and guarantee optimum lighting with maximum occupational safety.

The fully enclosed structure with IP66 protection and aluminium housing offer excellent durability. Depending on requirements, incandescent lamps, LEDs or xenon lamps are available as light sources. Our explosion-proof luminaires from Q-Light are suitable for hazardous areas Zone 1 and Zone 2 and offer flameproof enclosure (Ex-d). The SESA, SPNA, SEA and SNE & SNES series are ATEX certified.

Flameproof warning/ signal lights (Bulb, LED and xenon) applied in Oil/ Natural Gas offshore rigs where explosions can be ignited by mining, production, and storage.

Pressure-resistant warning / signal lamps for areas in which flammable substances such as oil are transported in large quantities, e.g. on ships. The explosion-proof warning and signal lamps are visible over long distances and are ATEX certified.

The alarm bell combination of the SEBA series from Qlight is suitable for use where not only visual but also acoustic warning is required.

ATEX certified and with a sound power up to 118dB, the SESA warning and signal light can be ordered with warning tones, melodies or alarm tones according to your requirement environment.

The flameproof warning and indicator lights of the SNE series from Qlight are used in areas where explosive substances can occur. For example, from a pipe or duct as in a coolant generator system of a nuclear power plant.

The SNES series supplements the SNE series with acoustic warning tones with a volume of up to 105 dB and is suitable for use in refineries, for example.

For hazardous areas where audible warnings are sufficient and visual warnings are not required, Qlight's SPNA can be installed with warning tones, alarms or melodies.

For further information and advice, our ghv consultants look forward to your call. There is always a solution and we are happy to help you find it for you.

Our configurator helps you to get an overview which warning lights meet your requirements. With just a few clicks you can easily find the right Ex light.

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Our offer for Ex-proof-lights

Qlight SE Serie

SE series

Explosionsgeschützte Messinggehäuse mit ausgezeichneter Korrosionsbeständigkeit.

  • SELR Serie - LED Rundum-Warnleuchte
  • SEL Serie - LED Dauerlicht / Blinkende Signalleuchte
  • SE-S Serie - Xenon Blitzlicht Signalleuchte
  • SE Serie - Glühbirne Rundum-Warnleuchte
Qlight SEA Serie

SEA series

Ø150mm große Explosionsgeschützte Warn- und Signalleuchten mit ausgezeichneter Sichtbarkeit für große Entfernungen.

  • SEALR Serie - LED Rundum-Warnleuchte
  • SEAL Serie - LED Dauerlicht / Blinklicht
  • SEAS Serie - Xenon-Blitzlicht-Signalleuchte
  • SEA Serie - Glühbirne Rundum-Warnleuchte
Qlight SEBA Serie

SEBA series

Große explosionsgeschützte Warn-/Signalleuchten- mit Alarmglockenkombination.

  • SEBALR Serie - LED Rundum-Warnlicht und Alarmglocke
  • SEBAL Serie - LED Dauerlicht / Blinklicht und Alarmglocke
  • SEBAS Serie -  Xenon Blitzlicht und Alarmglocke
  • SEBA Serie - Glühbirne Rundum-Warnleuchte und Alarmglocke

Qlight SESA Serie

SESA series

Explosionsgeschützte Warnleuchte und elektrische Hornkombinationen mit einer Schallleistung von max. 118dB

  • SESALR Serie - LED-Rundum-warnleuchte und elektrische Hornkombination
  • SESAL Serie - LED Dauerlicht / Blinklicht und elektrische Hornkombination
  • SESAS Serie -  Xenon-Lampe Blitzlicht und elektrisches Hornkombination
  • SESA Serie - Glühbirne-Rundum-warnleuchte und elektrische Hornkombinationen
Qlight SNE Serie

SNE series

Ø130mm Explosionsgeschützte Warn- und Signalleuchten.

  • SNELR Serie - LED-Rundum-Warnleuchte
  • SNEL Serie - LED Dauerlicht / Blinklicht
  • SNE-S Serie - Xenon-Blitzlicht-Signalleuchte
  • SNE Serie - Glühbirne Rundum-Warnleuchte
Qlight SNES Serie

SNES series

Ø130mm Explosionsgeschützte Warn-/Signalleuchten mit Sirenen-Summer

  • SNESLR Serie - LED-Rundum-Warnlicht mit Sirenen-Summer
  • SNESL Serie - LED Dauer-/Blinkleuchte mit Sirenen-Summer
  • SNES-S Serie - Xenon Blitzlicht- Signalleuchte mit Sirenen-Summer
  • SNES Serie - Glühbirne Rundum-Warnleuchte
Qlight SPNA

SPNA series

SPNA Serie - Max 118dB Explosionsgeschütztes elektrisches Horn.