Panasonic FP-X - control units

Now our new and improved FP-X series can be used as the successor to the very successful FP-1 series. The FP-X has smaller dimensions and expanded storage capacity. It is ideally suited for a multitude of applications thanks to its faster processing speed and optimized positioning functions.
The 4 CPU types are available with 14, 30, 38 and 60 I/Os and with up to 32000 program steps. Special expansion cassettes, such as communication cassettes for the RS232, RS422, RS485 and ethernet communication along with function cassettes with analog I/O, thermocouple inputs, resistance temperature sensors, quick counter and pulse output allow for flexible adaptation of the control unit. The expansion cassettes are simply inserted and do not require additional space. By connecting the FP-X and FP0R expansion modules, the functionality and number of I/Os can be further expanded.

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Additional product information:

Panasonic FPX overview, SPS overview

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