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High precision planetary gearboxes are used in numerous drive solutions from many different industries, such as the food industry, in mechanical engineering, medical technology, pharmacy or in automation and robotics. The advantageous characteristics of many different gearbox variants, such as precision, efficiency, low heat formation, low noise, etc. make them versatile components in mechanical drive technology. Whether it’s a linear gearbox or angular gearbox – we offer you a comprehensive selection of planetary gearboxes from notable manufacturers in our portfolio.

Our partner for high precision gearboxes, Apex, is a manufacturer and developer of precision, stainless-steel planetary gearboxes. These gearboxes can be installed on most servo motors in our product range and are geometrically swappable with any gearbox from other manufacturers. Apex gearboxes stand out due to their excellent quality, quick availability and user-friendly prices. Furthermore, their compact design, maintenance-free operation, low noise and long service life are among the advantages of Apex’s planetary gearboxes. Numerous linear and angular gearbox series by Apex are available at ghv.

To offer you the right components, Neugart planetary gearboxes with a pinion shaft are also part of our lineup. These are suitable for many different drive solutions. Thanks to the low inertia of the rotating pinion shaft, Neugart’s planetary gearboxes with pinion shaft are the optimum solution for many dynamic applications. A large variety of planetary drives with a pinion shaft and great product variety allow for maximum flexibility to find the perfect product for your application.
Of course, we also offer Neugart angular planetary gearboxes with a pinion shaft, which combine the advantages of a compact, angular gearbox with those of a conventional planetary gearbox. The versatilely installable and easily combinable angular gearboxes are known as a smart, durable drive solution for compact machine designs.

Furthermore, we compliment our portfolio by carrying planetary gearboxes from Bonfiglioli. These highly dynamic gearboxes impress with their low play, precise operation and user-friendly motor installation. Furthermore, a high level of force transmission accuracy sets these gearboxes apart. We also carry numerous series of linear planetary gearboxes and angular planetary gearboxes by Bonfiglioli.

No matter which planetary gearbox is the right one for your drive solution – at ghv, you will find a wide range of possible components. We are glad to personally assist you in selecting the right gearbox for your motor or we can assist you as early as during project planning. Our experts are well-versed in mechanical drive technology. The best terms, best products, and ex works delivery of numerous variants are part of our concept of service.

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Apex planetary gearbox
Apex planetary gearbox