Electric drive technology

If you want extraordinary things, you need an extraordinary drive.

Many applications today would be inconceivable without electric drives; whether it’s to make day-to-day life easier or in numerous areas of industry, such as conveyor technology, lifting technology, filling systems and much more. Electric drive technology plays a key role in industrial production and in machine and plant engineering.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of reputable manufacturers for your electric drive component needs. Whether it’s a reliable asynchronous motor, high-performance brushless system, efficient frequency converter, a durable microgear motor, a highly dynamic servo system or space-saving stepper motor – we advise you on your application and find the ideal solution for you here at ghv.

Small gear motors
From a small gear motor in many different versions with a power range from 6-90 watts to a three-phase motor at 1,000 kW – we have the right gear motor for your application. Single-phase motor, three-phase motor, reversible motor – all gear motors from Panasonic stand out due to longevity and efficiency.

Brushless systems
The brushless motors from Panasonic in our selection are compact specialists – high-performance and yet low-maintenance. Brushless systems are available in the speed range from 30 to 4000 RPM. Thanks to the brushless systems’ innovative single-pole technology, your savings are threefold: increased efficiency saves energy, the compact design saves spaces, simple maintenance and setup save costs. Balanced control behavior and high control accuracy are guaranteed.

Servo systems
Our product range offers you high-precision servo systems with great dynamics and a power range from 50 watts to 15 kW for your high-end applications. An extremely compact construction furthermore makes Panasonic’s servo motors stand out – along with ultra-precise positioning and optimum motor control.

Step motors
The standard step motors/steppers by MOONS’ with torques between 0.05 and 20 Nm impress with their compact design, comfortable use, energy efficiency and reliable safety. Our portfolio also includes integrated all-in-one solutions consisting of a stepper motor, drive and control unit for your applications. Use the opportunity to save space, reduce wiring effort and save on costs.

Asynchronous motors
Motors for the process industry and standard motors from our partner, ABB, stand out due to the combination of the best materials available with superior technology. Efficiency and energy saving, reliability and robustness are just some of the advantages of the nearly maintenance-free, efficient asynchronous motors with low life cycle costs. Our available assortment covers the power range from 0.09 to 1000 kW. IEC low-voltage motors are suitable for a multitude of applications in many different industries.

Frequency converter
Frequency converters improve process efficiency, reduce energy consumption and increase productivity. Our product range of ABB frequency converters ranges from a small, very intelligent compact device to large cabinet systems at 3,200 kW with patented DTC (direct torque control). With a range from simple to smart, from mini to mega, not only do we find A solution but rather THE solution that you need.

Take advantage of our extensive selection of components for electrical drive technology. Our ghv advisers are glad to assist you when it comes to designing your application and executing it with the right parts – from project planning to commissioning and after-sales. The best terms, the best products and ex works delivery of numerous variants are part of our concept of service.

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Our product range for electric drive technology

Small gear motors

Small gear motors

Panasonic, one of the world’s largest motor manufacturers, presents a new, globally certified
series of gear motors.
With a power rating from 6 to 90 watts, the current G-series
is being replaced by more efficient and more durable gear motors.
By doing so, we continue
our high product quality.

Brushless systems

Brushless systems

The new MINAS BL series is an evolution of the proven MINAS series.
Thanks to its innovative single-pole technology, not only can energy be saved, but also space and cost.
These motors, which are significantly more powerful compared to asynchronous motors, are especially suitable for conveyor technology, the textile and food industry.

Servo systems

Servo motors

With our Panasonic-brand servo motors, we offer you highly dynamic servo drives in an extremely compact construction in a power range from 50 watts to 15 kW.
Extremely accurate positioning and optimum motor control are made possible by a high-resolution encoder.
The servo controllers can optionally be controlled in an analog fashion, via pulse direction or via bus systems such as EtherCat, RTEX and Modbus.

Stepper motors

Stepper motors

With our MOONS’ brand stepper motors, we offer you an integrated, all-in-one solution consisting of a motor, drive and control unit.
This technology holds great possibilities when it comes to saving space, reducing wiring effort and naturally saving money as well.

Asynchronous motors

Asynchronous motors

Our range of low-voltage motors covers a power range from 0.09 to 1000 kW.
Whether it’s highly efficient for a positive energy balance, explosion-protected for the highest safety standards, industry or customer-specific or according to the IEC or NEMA standard: Each AC motor is equipped standard with many different features for the highest efficiency.

Frequency converters

Frequency converters

ABB frequency converters improve process efficiency, reduce energy consumption and increase productivity.

The portfolio covers the entire spectrum of customer needs, from micro drives that are used in mechanical engineering to industrial drives that control production lines.