System luminaires

Efficient, homogeneous, glare-free and flicker-free. For your system workstations and workplaces in machines and plants, we offer the right illumination with our range of system luminaires.

Good lighting is important for the health, well-being and motivation of employees - even at system workstations.

LED lamps used by us are characterized by a very narrow binning (almost no deviations in the color temperatures and brightness values), a high Ra value (at least> 80) and an outstanding efficiency (at least> 90 lumens / watt).

In addition, the SYSTEMLED is e.g. For system workstations, machines and systems compatible with common system workstation luminaires, such as from Bosch-Rexroth AG which allows the replacement of fluorescent tubes against LEDs without problems.

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Our product range for system luminaires



The SYSTEMLED for system workplaces, machines and facilities is compatible with conventional system workplace luminaires such as those from Bosch-Rexroth AG.

Uniled SL


Equipped with >100 lumens per watt (latest SMD LED technology), the UNILED SL therefore achieves powerful light output.