Automation technology

Today’s technology increasingly requires communication between man and machine. The tasks of machines in industry is to accept demands and orders and execute them correctly. Numerous functions of modern operating units offer great convenience for the user, such as reporting errors, displaying saved text and graphics, displaying machine data online and sending data/orders to the machine. In our portfolio, you can find state-of-the-art operating units that meet ever-increasing demands.

Operate and observe – whether it’s small and monochrome or large and with 65,536 colors – Panasonic touch panels meet the highest function and design standards. Powerful and flexible software enhances the panels and can be easily and intuitively programmed. Designing your first proprietary user interface is a delight, even for beginners.

Our product range also has the right control system components for your application – from cost-effective compact control systems that occupy minimum space to a“high-end” control unit. All of our control units stand out due to high functionality, a long service life, and an excellent value for money.

The extremely compact PLC from Panasonic, e. g. a CPU with 32 I/Os the size of a cigarette carton can not only do what you would expect from a normal PLC but it also allows you to control up to 4 servo axles using convenient motion control components. The innovative programming software control FPWIN Pro makes the most out of the control units, with ready-made functions and function blocks that can be used for custom programs, thereby saving a lot of programming time.

EtherCat and RTEX systems by Trio and Panasonic meet your real-time needs. And afterwards, what are you planning to do with it? We can also help you there. Together with experienced control cabinet builders, we create a solution according to your wishes, e.g. using the right PLC from SIEMENS as well. Your control cabinet is adapted to your individual needs, whether it’s only for drive control or also for other machine-control tasks.

We have the right solutions for your automation technology needs. Whether it’s operating units, control units or entire switchgears – we are happy to advise you and assist you from project planning to implementation and even beyond. Automation technology greatly facilitates production processes in numerous industries, mainly with reliable components that seamlessly integrate into the entire application and comprehensively work together with other components. Our product portfolio impresses with good prices, the best quality and long lifetime. Contact us; we are glad to assist you in putting together the right products.

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Our product range for automation technology

Control unit

Control units

The Panasonic product portfolio includes cost-effective compact control units that take up minimum space and are suitable for many different basic tasks, even the “high-end” control unit, the flagship FP7.



We develop a custom switchgear with you that is precisely tailored to your personal needs. For instance, it can merely be used for drive control, but it can also assume other machine control tasks.

Operating unit

Operating units

Panasonic’s operating units meet the highest standards when it comes to function and design.
It includes software that makes it enjoyable to design your first user interface, even for beginners.

Panasonic Sensoren

Panasonic Sensoren

Panasonic's sensors offer you highly precise and fast measurements in automation technology.