Panasonic FP7 - control units

Whether it’s decentralized programming, monitoring or data recording, an FTP server, MEWTOCOL (client/server), Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP - the standard Ethernet interface offers limitless connectivity.
Together with mini-USB and the RS232C interface, up to 216 devices can be connected. Supports FTP client/server (data transmission), HTTP client (data exchange/services with HTTP server/cloud) and sending e-mails with attachments.
The integrated web server allows for access to system and program variables or diagnostics information via HTML pages that the user themselves can create using an HTML5-based graphical tool called “web creator”.
The HTML pages can be displayed using any internet browser, even on mobile devices (smartphones and tablet PCs).

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Additional product information:

Panasonic FP7 overview (German), SPS overview (German)

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