Melior Motion PSC112-V-B-200

Melior Motion's high-precision gearboxes are characterized by their high output, acceleration and non-stop torques. This gives the application more safety and, thanks to the enormous tilting and torsional stiffness, enables precise positioning. The PSC-V/H-B gear blocks are available in solid shaft and hollow shaft versions and are lubricated for life. They are filled as standard with a standard mineral-based oil. Due to the sophisticated arrangement of the planets around the sun gear and an integrated spur gear stage, the gearing parts are immediately engaged and ensure an extremely low breakaway torque. The most common servo motors can be easily adapted via various interfaces and the hollow shafts of up to 75 mm in diameter offer space for a feed-through of data or supply lines.

Technical data

  • Torque range 400 - 4500 Nm
  • Outer diameter 180 - 329 mm
  • Transmission range 35:1 - 200:99

Product specification

  • Gearbox type: PSC112-V
  • Nominal ratio: 200
  • max. permissible drive speed [1/min]: 5000
  • Nominal output torque [Nm]: 1165
  • Acceleration torque [Nm]: 1630
  • Backlash [arcmin]: ≤ 0,1
  • Weight [kg]: 15.9
  • Version: solid shaft
  • Bezeichnung: PSC112-V-B-200
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