High precision gearboxes

High-precision gears are used in a wide range of drive solutions in numerous industries, such as robotics, automation and mechanical engineering.
The advantageous properties of the various gear unit variants, such as precision, efficiency, low heat generation, low noise etc., make them versatile components in the field of mechanical drive technology.

Our partner for high-precision gears, the company Melior Motion, is a manufacturer and developer of high-precision planetary gears. Melior Motion's innovative high-precision gear units are considered to be virtually backlash-free with a circumferential backlash of less than 0.1 angular minute. Lifetime unchanged. This makes Melior Motion gear units suitable for particularly demanding applications such as robotics and automation.
The gear units are designed as planetary gear units with an integrated spur gear stage.
The PSC series is available in seven sizes - each in solid and hollow shaft versions and is characterized by a long service life and a high efficiency of ≥ 90%. Precise positioning is possible thanks to high torques together with high tilting and torsional stiffness.
All sizes are available as fully enclosed gear blocks.

Whichever planetary gearhead is the right one for your drive solution - at your ghv you will find a wide range of possible components. We would be pleased to help you personally with the selection of the right gear unit for your motor or to assist you right from the project planning stage. Our experts are well versed in mechanical drive technology. Our understanding of service always includes best conditions, best products and the delivery of numerous variants from stock.

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Our product range for linear systems

Melior Motion

Melior Motion

  • Torque range 400 - 4500 Nm
  • Outer diameter 180 - 329 mm
  • Transmission range 35:1 - 200:78