Work luminaires

Our work lights are used wherever optimal illumination of the workplace is essential. Whether manual workstations, assembly or quality control - our LED work lights are the solution. Especially in laboratories, in industry and in the jewelry and watch industry, the LED work lights from our portfolio ensure excellent LED lighting conditions.

With a lifespan of 60,000 hours and extremely high reliability, LEDs from LED2WORK provide high potential for savings in maintenance. The industry thus benefits twice: in addition to the electricity cost factor, the cost factor for maintenance is also considerably reduced.

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Our product range for Work luminaires

LEANLED flex arm


The LEANLED flex arm is best suited for manual workstations in quality control or in assembly, since they can always be put in the required position for any product to be processed thanks to its movable collar.



The MIDILED flex arm offers flexible and uniform work area illumination in machines or at workplaces.