QWCD Signallight and electric horn new at ghv

QLight QWCD35 und QWCD50


Signallight and electric horn become one


Qlight convinces with exclusive design and innovative construction - signal horn and warning light are combined in one product - the QWCD series.

Noisy production environments, dust and high ceilings pose a challenge when it comes to the corresponding warning and alarm systems. Acoustic and visual warning signs are used, usually consisting of a warning light and a separate horn.

Qlight has revolutionised these two individual devices and combined them into one compact product. The use of polycarbonate (PC) in the construction of the horn allows the tone generator to function as a warning light at the same time.

The ABS housing and the high IP66 degree of protection guarantee excellent resistance when used in environments exposed to high dust levels, weather conditions and extreme temperatures from -50°C to +60°C. The ABS housing is designed to withstand high temperatures.

Thanks to its water- and dust-proof structure and a noise level of up to 123 dB, the QWCD series has proven itself in many shipbuilding, factory and mining applications. The QWCD offers integrated warning tones in the standard version 31, which can be set via a DIP switch. With the -SD version, it is possible to control 31 self-recorded tones via a binary input.

Due to its compact design, the QWCD can be installed almost anywhere, which is a great advantage. Both sizes, the QWCD35 and the QWCD50, are available in red, yellow, green and blue.

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