Qlight SCDWL-WS-220-R

Light weight warning light and electric horn combinations with polycarbonate housing for vessels and heavy industry applications. Two different mounting options are available. SCDF series are self stand types and SCDW series offer a wall mount bracket.

Technical data

  • Warning light and electric horn combinations for vessels and heavy industrial applications
  • Light weight model with special polycarbonate (PC+GF) housing
  • Excellent hermetic structure that blocks water and dust
  • Superior impact and shock resistance
  • Prevents damage from external contact with recessed horn structure, high volume output possible with the extended length of the horn housing
  • Easy wiring and sound control with the terminal box attached on the side of housing
  • Standard model comes with a protection cage equipped
  • Can select a variety of light sources and sound pattern combinations
  • Detachable mounting bracket structure enables product to be either self stand type or wall mount type
  • Can adjust sound volume and select sound pattern with the switches built inside the units
  • Materials : Lens-PC, Housing-PC+GF, Protection cage-STS316L, Reflector-PC, Multitiered reflector-Heat resistance ABS
  • Cable entry : 1/2″PF
  • Ambient operating temperature 20°C to +50°C : SCDFLR, SCDWLR, SCDF, SCDW; -30°C to +50°C : SCDFL, SCDWL, SCDFS, SCDWS
  • Protection rating : IP66
  • Certificates : KIMM, KR, CE Compliant
  • Mountings : Available in self stand type and wall mount type

Product specification

  • Type: Protection cage & terminal box
  • Light source: LED
  • Operation: Steady/flashing
  • Voltage: 220V AC
  • Mounting: Wall mount
  • Diameter: 140mm
  • Volume: 118dB
  • Option: 5 Warning Sounds
  • Light Color: red
  • Art.Nr.: SCDWL-WS-220-R
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