Integrated all-in-one solutions consisting of a motor, drive and control unit are also part of ghv’s product range. By using an integrated solution, you save space, reduce wiring effort and thus, costs as well. Additional characteristics of the integrated stepper motors are positioning control and many different control options. Naturally, we advise you on your options for using the integrated, all-in-one solution in your application.

Technical data

  • Sizes: NEMA 11, 17, 23 and 24
  • Torques between 0.05 and 2,4 Nm
  • Position control
  • Control via RS232, RS485, Modbus/RTU, Ethernet/IP and CANopen
  • Nominal voltages between 12 and 70 volt DC

Product specification

  • Rated torque: 0,9 Nm
  • Supply voltage: 12 - 70 VDC
  • Max. speed: 3000 rpm
  • Encoder: 1000-line Encoder
  • Control option: EtherNet/IP
  • Option: EtherNet
  • Motor: STM23IP-2EE
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