With the APL-RGBW series with IP40 protection we offer an efficient and ergonomic luminaire. Multiple shadows are prevented by the acrylic glass cover with light-scattering particles, which enables fatigue-free working. The use of the luminaire is therefore no problem both at assembly workstations and in and on machines. In contrast to conventional RGBW luminaires, the APL-RGBW is equipped with extraordinarily strong RGB illumination. The illumination of different areas is guaranteed with five different lengths from 280 up to 1400 mm. For even larger areas, several luminaires up to 96W can be cascaded. With the APL-RGBW the pure illumination with white light as well as the status display with up to 7 colours can be achieved with only one luminaire. White lighting is achieved by separate LEDs and is not achieved by mixing the three primary colours on the RGB chips, and we even achieve a CRI of >80. This all-in-one solution saves you time, money and space. The APL-RGBW is therefore an improvement in every respect.

Technischen Daten

  • white light + 7 more colours
  • M12 plug connectors
  • Workplace light can also be used in machines
  • Lengths from 280mm - 1400 mm
  • High light output with diffuse light cover and homogeneous light
  • Protection class IP40
  • cascadable up to 96kW


  • Nennleistung: 48,8W
  • Abmessungen: 910x80x32mm
  • Lichtfarbe: 5700K
  • Spannung: 24V DC
  • Abdeckung: PMMA diffuse
  • Anschluss: M12
  • Schutzart: IP40
  • KatalogNr: 15070913
  • Art.Nr.: APL-RGBW 840 PMMAd-M12-57
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