Qlight SH2P-110-B

Superior durability with fully enclosed structure and corrosion resistance, suitable for vessels and heavy industry applications such as coal transport system, chemical industry and working platforms. SH1 series are available in a diameter of 125mm and SH2 series in 150mm. The countless variants ensure finding the best fitting product for your application.

Technical data

  • Aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens material provides excellent impact resistance under seismic conditions
  • Excellent hermetic structure that blocks water and dust
  • Can select a variety of light sources (Bulb/revolving, LED revolving or steady/flashing and xenon/strobe) for your application needs and environmental conditions
  • Terminals located inside the terminal box or product
  • Cable entry : 1/2″PF
  • Materials : Lens-PC, Housing-Al, Protection cage-STS316L, Reflector for LED type-PC/ Reflector for bulb type-Heat resistant ABS
  • Housing standard color : MUNSELL No. 7.5BG 7/2
  • Protection rating : IP66

Product specification

  • Type: Protection Cage
  • Light source: Bulb
  • Operation: Revolving
  • Voltage: 110V AC
  • Mounting: Self stand
  • Diameter: 150mm
  • Volume: no sound
  • Option: no sound
  • Light Color: blue
  • Art.Nr.: SH2P-110-B
Maximilian Hausjell

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