The WME-D series LED wall lights are easy to install and designed to withstand shock and vibration. Improved with ultra bright LEDs, loud alarm and a very sturdy case.

Technical data

  • FB type: Built-in audible alarm up to 93 dB (at 1 m)
  • Installation: Simple vertical and horizontal installation with mounting bracket
  • Exchangeable modules: No rewiring after installation
  • Lenses: High impact and high temperature resistant polycarbonatarbonatharz für extreme Haltbarkeit
  • NPN / PNP-kompatibel: nur 24V DC

Product specification

  • Product: Signal tower
  • Diameter: no value
  • Layers: 3
  • Rated Power: 90-250V AC
  • Mounting: Wall mount
  • Buzzer / flash: Yes
  • Housing color: White
  • Art.Nr.: WME-3M2DFB-RYG
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