Standard Hybrid Stepper Motors: 2 phases 1.8° hybrid stepper motor is the most popular in market and has the most extensive product coverage, as a result of a series of optimizations and improvements, its performance and value has been greatly improved. 2 Phase - 1.8 degree step angle: This is the most popular step motor. It has a great combination of torque, speed and accuracy. Due to their high volumes, drives for 2 phase motors are very common and economical. The basic method of control is to have the motor make one full step as the drive applies full current to the motor windings. This causes the motor to move in full step increments. When the motor is stepped at different rates it may make a distinctive sound and can vibrate (resonate) at certain speeds. This is not a problem for most applications. If it is an issue, motors can be controlled with micro-stepping drives that smooth motor torque. And many times, resonate speeds can simply be avoided by programming the drive. MOONS’ offers 2 phase 0.9 degree step motors, and three phase 1.2 degree step motors, for applications that need even more accuracy, or motion that is very smooth and quiet.

Technical data

  • NEMA 17 Standard Hybrid Stepper Motors Stepper motor, High torque, Low noise, Smooth movement
  • Frame size: NEMA17 (42mm)
  • Shaft: Single
  • Phase: 2
  • Steps/ Revolution: 200
  • Step Angle: 1.8°
  • Step Accuracy: ±5%
  • Insulation Class: B, 130℃
  • Insulation Resistance: 100 MegOhms
  • Axial Load (20,000 hours at 1000RPM ): 25 N (5.6 Lbs.) Push
  • 65 N (15 Lbs.) Pull
  • Radial Load (20,000 hours at 1000RPM ): 30 N (6.5 Lbs.)At Flat Center
  • Operating Temp.: -20℃~50℃
  • IP Rating: IP 40
  • Approvals: UL Recognized File E465363, RoHS
  • Coil Type: Bi-Polar

Product specification

  • Frame Size: NEMA 17 Standard
  • Rated current (A): 0.7
  • Holding Torque (Nm): 0.21
  • Winding Resistance (Ohm): 6.5
  • Winding Inductance (mH): 8.8
  • Detent Torque (mNm): 5
  • Rotor Intertia [gcm²]: 20
  • Length (mm): 25.3
  • Weight (g): 150
  • Connector: Plug
  • Motor: MS17HD5P4070
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