Panasonic M9MZ90GR4CM1-MR9G150B

A three-phase motor provide greater torque than a single-phase motor. Our range of three-phase motors (motors with speed control) operates at a power range from 25 to 90 watts, e.g. as a brake motor in lift applications. 230V motors allow for speed control using a speed controller (inverter operation). The 400 V motor models can be operated directly on a three-phase power supply (3-phase mains).

Technical data

  • S1 Continuous duty
  • Thermal or overload protected
  • Class B insulation

Product specification

  • Rated power: 90 W
  • Rated speed: 9,0 rpm
  • Rated torque: 29,40 Nm
  • Supply voltage: 3 x 400 V
  • Model: Square flange 90x90
  • Brake: Yes
  • Gearbox: MR9G150B
  • Motor: M9MZ90GR4CM1
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