Panasonic M91Z60GK4GGA-MP9G75B

Panasonic single-phase motors (single-phase asynchronous motors) can be used for fixed speeds in a power range from 6 to 90 watts, e.g. as a brake motor in lift applications. The entire series stands out due to its quiet operation and high efficiency. The rated RPM is 1500 RPM at 50 Hz. The gear motors are suitable for 4-point mounting and are thermally protected or protected from overload.

Technical data

  • S1 Continuous duty
  • Thermal or overload protected
  • Class B insulation

Product specification

  • Rated power: 60 W
  • Rated speed: 17,0 rpm
  • Rated torque: 23,10 Nm
  • Supply voltage: 230 VAC
  • Model: Rectangular flange 130x90
  • Gearbox: MP9G75B
  • Motor: M91Z60GK4GGA
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