Panasonic EX-Z13FB-P

The world's thinnest sensor dimension of 3mm has been achieved by utilizing a new semiconductor packaging technology that does not use wire bonding. The small unit size allows installation of sensors in a narrow space where only a conventional fiber sensor head could be installed before. The built-in amplifier also saves on installation space.

Technical data

  • Most compact sensor (W8 x H14 x D3mm)
  • Thru-beam type with sensing range from 50 to 500mm
  • Minimum sensing object from 0.3 to 1mm
  • Front and side sensing type available
  • Clear visible spot
  • Temperatur range: -10 to +55®C
  • Material: Plasti

Product specification

  • Sensortype: Miniature (front sensing)
  • Sub category: Thru-beam
  • Sensing Range: 500 mm
  • Output: PNP
  • Connection method: Cable
  • Power supply: 12 to 24V DC
  • Response time: 0.5 ms
  • Protection: IP 67
  • Output operation: Dark-On
  • Emitting element: LED red
  • Art.Nr.: EX-Z13FB-P
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