Panasonic SF2BA8P

The SF2B series fulfils international safety regulations at a reasonable cost. From area sensors to light curtains, Panasonic provides the optimum device to solve your safety application. Safety regulations throughout the world require different safety designs for various risk levels. The SF2B series' design complies with the IEC 61496 international safety standard, and is also guaranteed by a third-party certification organization. Also available with new corner mirrors for less work and less wiring. A large reduction in cost!

Technical data

  • Protection: IP 67
  • Emitting element: LED infrared
  • Material: Metal
  • Temperature range: -10 to +55°C

Product specification

  • Sub category: Light curtain
  • Protective height: 312mm
  • Sensing range max: 13m
  • Smallest detectable object (diameter): 47mm
  • Sensortype: Arm protection
  • OFF response time: 15ms
  • ON response time: 60ms
  • Safety category: Category 2
  • Art-Nr.: SF2BA8P
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