CCEA HERIO NOVA - Machine luminaires

Our experience in the lighting field allows us to constantly improve the quality of our lamps, with particular attention to resistance and stability. The aluminium structure of HERIO NOVA with IP67 degree of protection resists to shocks and vibrations and the side caps with NBR gaskets ensure total protection against dust and shavings. It is suitable to use in harsh environment and it resists up to 55°, thanks to its superior quality materials.HERIO NOVA series main feature is the powerful beam which is generated by combining high-efficiency mini Power LED circuits and a prismatic cone diffuser optimised by numerical algorithms.
This system enhances its anti-glare effect but still maintains a constant light flow at 120° for diffused, uniform illumination inside the structure. The light source has a 60.00 average lifespan, ensuring an energy saving of 50% compared with traditional lighting devices. The light color 5000K allows to create an environment with natural, effective lighting.The lamp is equipped with I.D.S. technology for direct connection to 24Vdc without external components. Moreover it is supplied with M12 connector and it is protected against reverse polarity in order to prevent circuit damages if wrong connection occurs.
HERIO NOVA series includes 4 versions and therefore can be installed both in medium and in large industrial machines. It is modular and can be customized according to customer’s requirements. We designed the fastening accessories to allow a wide adjustment of the light flow. You can fasten the lamp laterally for a rotation angle up to 45° with side mounting plates in chromed stainless steel. The lamp can also be fasten on the rear side thanks to a fastening kit with an articulated joint for a flexible direction of the light beam

Technical data

  • High luminous flux
  • 2 Mounting bracket options
  • IP67
  • M12 Connectors for safe and reliable power supply
  • IDS Driver 24VDC
  • Integrated reverse polarity protection
  • Dust and chip resistant
  • 4 Versions available
  • Direct 24VDC connection without additional components
Maximilian Hausjell

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Rated power Dimensions Light color Lumen Optic Voltage Art.Nr.
27 W 329×100×40 mm 5000K - CRI80 2800 lm 120° 24V DC HERIONOVA.27.50   info add
42 W 458×100×40 mm 5000K - CRI80 4200 lm 120° 24V DC HERIONOVA.42.50   info add
68 W 716×100×40 mm 5000K - CRI80 7000 lm 120° 24V DC HERIONOVA.68.50   info add
96 W 974×100×40 mm 5000K - CRI80 9800 lm 120° 24V DC HERIONOVA.96.50   info add
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