FLEXLED - Machine luminaires

The FLEXLED spotlight is designed for fixed installation in machines and facilities. The light can be installed with an 80mm or 600mm-long gooseneck, if necessary.
In the smaller version, installation is performed via a screwed flange with a M 18 x 1.5 thread (flange version). Equipped with a magnetic base or screw-on socket, the version with a long gooseneck is also suitable for table installation (table version).
Both versions can be integrated in rough production environments, since the movable gooseneck is covered in water and oil-resistant shrink tubing.

Technical data

  • Available with a magnetic base or screw-on socket
  • Base plate or table clamp for mounting the magnet version onto non-magnetic surfaces
  • Collar length 80 mm (flange version) or 600mm (magnetic base or screw-on socket)
  • 24V DC connector (machine voltage) M12 sensor plug
Maximilian Hausjell

Do you have questions?

Mr. Maximilian Hausjell
Phone: +49 80 92 81 89 21
E-Mail: m.hausjell@ghv.de

Rated Power Dimensions Light color Optic Voltage Art.Nr.
5W 600mm Flex-Arm 5.200K - 5.700K 25° 24V DC 120512-02 info info add
5W 600mm Flex-Arm 5.200K - 5.700K 25° 24V DC 120512-03 info info add
5W 80mm Flex-Arm 5.200K - 5.700K 25° 24V DC 120512-01 info info add
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