FIELDLED II - Machine luminaires

The FIELDLED II is suitable for planar illumination of high-volume installations and machinery. Harsh production environments, for example in CNC milling machines, are just the thing for the FIELDLED II: oil, water, shavings, coolants and emulsions – the luminaire with its frosted tempered glass and Viton seals is ideally suited to cope with these substances. Standardised connectors and fit mean the FIELDLED II can be simply retrofitted in almost any machine tool. In machine rooms the FIELDLED II provides homogenous and flicker and glare-free illumination.

Technical data

  • Simple retrofitting of machinery
  • 24V DC connection (machine voltage) and M12 sensor connector
  • Protection type IPX9K, protection class III
  • Available in four lengths: 280mm (20W / 1800 lumen) 540mm (36W / 3240 lumen) 790mm (56W / 5040 lumen) 1040mm (72W / 6480 lumen)
Maximilian Hausjell

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Rated Power Dimensions Light color Optic Voltage Art.Nr.
20W 280mm 5.200K - 5.700K 120° 24V DC 113010-01   info add
36W 540mm 5.200K - 5.700K 120° 24V DC 113110-01   info add
56W 790mm 5.200K - 5.700K 120° 24V DC 113210-01   info add
72W 1040mm 5.200K - 5.700K 120° 24V DC 113310-01   info add
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