APLN - Machine luminaires

With a light-scattering cover the APLN provides a very homogeneous and glare-free light and leads to more ergonomics on workstations. With 230 VAC the luminaire can be installed on workstations easily and is available in two different lengths. Featuring IP40 ingress protection, it cannot be penetrated by foreign bodies of 1.0 mm or larger, which avoids dust formation inside the luminaire even after years of use. For adjusting the light intensity to the ambient light and responding to operators needs, for example at shift changes, the light is stepless dimmable. With a memory button the latest light intensity will be continued after turning off when the light will be turned on again. For the use of several lights the APLN is cascadable.

Technical data

  • 230 VAC
  • M12 Connector
  • Luminous flux 5700K
  • two different lengths
  • dimmable with memory function
  • Protection class IP40
  • cascadable
Maximilian Hausjell

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Phone: +49 80 92 81 89 21
E-Mail: m.hausjell@ghv.de

Rated power Dimensions Color temp. Voltage Cover Connection Protection rating Catalognr Art.Nr.
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25 W 416x135x38mm 5700K 230V AC PMMA diffuse GST18 IP40 15070994 APLN 400 PMMAd-GST18-57   info add
50 W 816x135x38mm 5700K 230V AC PMMA diffuse GST18 IP40 15070995 APLN 800 PMMAd-GST18-57   info add
75 W 1216x135x38mm 5700K 230V AC PMMA diffuse GST18 IP40 15071015 APLN 1200 PMMAd-GST18-57   info add
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