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With the LED Workplace Luminaire we offer for the first time an efficient as well as ergonomic luminaire according to the protection type IP40. Insteadtof higher protection against spleshing water, an ergonimic Light is needed at work places. The coverage is penetrated with diffuse particles which prevent multiple shadows and provides fatigue-free working. The range includes different lengths from 850 to 3050mm. We achieve optimal working light and flexible connection with a light colour of 5700K and M12 connectors. This product family is manufactured of high-quality anodized aluminium profiles and comes with an ESD-protection on board. As all of our LED luminaires. The durability of our luminaires relates directly to the heat management inside the luminaire. When operated within the rated ambient temperature, its durability is at last 60 000h. Our Workplace Luminaire is the right choice for application in dry areas. Please take advantage of our large-sized version too.

Technical data

  • Workplace luminaire with front and rear wall mounting (profile grooves)
  • Lengths from 400 - 3,000 mm with 25.6 - 192 watts
  • Highly luminous with diffuse light cover and homogeneous light
  • Normal and eco operation switchable to 5,700 K
Maximilian Hausjell

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Mr. Maximilian Hausjell
Phone: +49 80 92 81 89 21
E-Mail: m.hausjell@ghv.de

Rated power Dimensions Color temp. Voltage Cover Connection Catalognr Art.Nr.
15,4W 350x80x32mm 5700K 24V DC PMMA diffuse M12 15070117 APL 300 PMMAd-M12-57 info info add
24W 450x80x32mm 5700K 24V DC PMMA diffuse M12 15070118 APL 400 PMMAd-M12-57 info info add
30,8W 650x80x32mm 5700K 24V DC PMMA diffuse M12 15070119 APL 600 PMMAd-M12-57 info info add
39,4W 750x80x32mm 5700K 24V DC PMMA diffuse M12 15070120 APL 700 PMMAd-M12-57 info info add
46,2W 950x80x32mm 5700K 24V DC PMMA diffuse M12 15070121 APL 900 PMMAd-M12-57 info info add
48W 850x80x32mm 5700K 24V DC PMMA diffuse M12 14020003 APL 800 PMMAd-M12-57 info info add
54,8W 1050x80x32mm 5700K 24V DC PMMA diffuse M12 14020037 APL 1000 PMMAd-M12-57 info info add
63,4W 1150x80x32mm 5700K 24V DC PMMA diffuse M12 15070122 APL 1100 PMMAd-M12-57 info info add
70,2W 1350x80x32mm 5700K 24V DC PMMA diffuse M12 15070123 APL 1300 PMMAd-M12-57 info info add
72W 1250x80x32mm 5700K 24V DC PMMA diffuse M12 14020004 APL 1200 PMMAd-M12-57 info info add
78,8W 1450x80x32mm 5700K 24V DC PMMA diffuse M12 15070124 APL 1400 PMMAd-M12-57 info info add
87,4W 1550x80x32mm 5700K 24V DC PMMA diffuse M12 14020005 APL 1500 PMMAd-M12-57 info info add
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