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Reversible motors have an integrated constant friction brake for reducing shut-off delay, even when the rotation direction is changed. A brake disc at the end of the rotor is constantly slowed down with many spring-loaded brake pads. When the motor is currentless, the friction makes it stop faster. As such, a reversible motor from Panasonic is ideal for your quick-reverse and start-stop applications, e.g. for conveyor belts.

Technical data

  • S2 Intermittent duty 30 min
  • Integrated constant friction braking system
  • Lower shut-off delay and quicker stopping
  • Ideal for quick -reversing and start-stop applications
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Panasonic reversible motors 
Rated power Rated speed Rated torque Supply voltage Model Brake Motor Gearbox
90 W 83,0 rpm 7,76 Nm 230 VAC Square flange 90x90 no M9RZ90GK4GG1 MZ9G15B info info add
90 W 83,0 rpm 7,76 Nm 230 VAC Square flange 90x90 yes M9RZ90GR4GG1 MZ9G15B info info add
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