Panasonic Touch terminal HM500

The HM500 series contains sophisticated functions and offers the best performance in a full-metal housing with a prominent design.
The series consists of four models in sizes 4.3", 7", 10.4" and 13.4" with a TFT color display and LED background lighting. All models can be installed horizontally and vertically.
The touch terminals are equipped with an Ethernet interface and support VNC technology both for remote VNC applications and report assistance.
The HM500 series is programmable using HMWin software, which is easy and intuitive to use despite its sophisticated range of functions.
You can import variables from Control FPWIN Pro, the programming software for Panasonic control units, and ideally benefit from the synergies between the control units and touch terminals. The products have a 5-year warranty.

We can gladly advise you on operating units in person as well.

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Touch terminal HM500
Touch terminal HM500